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We provide platform optimized, fully managed hosting on virtual private servers (VPS) maintained in cloud environments by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean and Vultr.  Our ecommerce servers are tuned for your website's specific performance requirements. You pay for what you need and not for things you don't.

We provide 24/7 monitoring with all hosting packages, if you website ever slows down, a ticket will be opened at our support desk and we'll handle it. We also include free cloud SMTP services to ensure your transactional email stays out of SPAM folders.

Why Choose VPS Cloud Hosting?

E-commerce websites require more resources than a typical website.  They have to store and dispay product images plus accomodate unpredicable numbers of user transactions. The best way to garauntee your site resources is to use a dedicated server whether physcal or virtual. We recommend virtual servers for the folowing reasons.


The cost of our Virtual Private Servers is less than half of a similarly resourced dedicated physical  server. Plus, we can easily tweak server resources to meet your site needs to provide you the most efficient use of your budget.


Virtual Private Cloud Servers use a network of servers all pooling resources together. You draw your VOS resources from all of them so problem with one server won't impact your website. You'll just draw resources from another.


Need more power during busy season?  Scale up in generally < 30 minutes to add resources when they are needed. After the peak, you can then scale back down and save money. This helps maintain a consistent user experience too!


Hosting on a private physical server wastes vast amounts of energy. Physical servers need the power to handle the busiest of times and draw that power whether it's used or not. VPS servers use only the power they need and the physical servers that power them are fully utilized and not wasting energy.


  All Magento VPS Cloud Hosting Packages Include

Free Wildcard SSL
Dedicated IP Address
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Nightly Backups
Available CDN
Cloud SMTP with SendGrid
Seamless Vertical Scaling
60+ Global Data Centers

Dedicated Firewalls
PHP 7 Ready Servers
Auto-Healing Servers
SSD-Based Servers
Pre-configured PHP-FPM
Built-in WP and Magento Caching
Redis Cache & Memcached
Free Magento Full Page Cache

Advanced/Custom Varnish Settings
HTTP/2 Supported Servers
Regular Security Patching
IP Whitelisting
Two-Factor Authentication
Git Integration
New Relic Integration
PCI Compliant Environment